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Dropping the Gloves

Feb 26, 2021

We sat down with retired scrapper PJ Stock to talk about the Claude Julien firing and why things have come to a screeching halt in Montreal after such a hot start.

Feb 24, 2021

We had friend of the show Marty Biron come on to talk about the Sabres struggles this year, dispel any Eichel trade rumors, and talk about what Buffalo needs to do to turn things around.

Feb 22, 2021

Covering some of the latest news around the league, including:

- Who's season has been more impressive, 97 or 34?

- Where does Crosby's legacy lie?

- Hischier named captain for the Devils

- NHL almost blews the Lake Tahoe Classic

- And more!


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Feb 19, 2021

We sat down with Pat Kaleta to talk about his playing days with the Sabres, what his approach was to his playing style, which fights stood out the most, and how he built his MASSIVE lego collection!

Feb 17, 2021

We discussed some hilarious hockey "would you rather" questions, including some ones sent in by fans!