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Dropping the Gloves

Aug 30, 2021

With the Kotkaniemi offer sheet making headlines, John and Tim delved into the business of hockey, including UFA vs RFA, 1-way vs 2-way contracts, signing bonuses, how the salary cap is set, NHLPA meetings, and more.

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Aug 27, 2021

We analyze the Svech and Couts signings and what they mean for those teams. What're the expectations for Svech now, and how good has Chuck Fletcher's offseason been for the Flyers? We also take a deep dive into the Stars' roster including their young core, Pavelski still surging at 37, a goalie carousel, and what to...

Aug 25, 2021

John shares his feedback for Tim's solo show and his take on the Matthews comments and Owen Powers. Then, we take a dive into the Arizona Coyotes:
  • Will they get moved to a new city?
  • Will Kessel finish the season on the team?
  • Can Keller and Chychrun take that next step?
  • Looking at new roster additions
And of course,...

Aug 23, 2021

Solo episode from Tim today:
  • Lundqvist retires... what's his legacy?
  • Pound for Pound
  • Owen Powers returns to college... should Sabres be embarrassed?
  • Unpacking Matthews comment + "adversity"

Aug 20, 2021

In 2015, Gary Bettman said he'd have to be "kicking and screaming" to sell jersey ads. In 2021... here we are. Is this just the beginning?
We also take a look at teams around the league and their core of players 25 y.o. and younger. Who's the strongest? Who's team is too old entirely?